Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Catholic Procession marking Corpus Christi (Nov 25 2007)

The Catholics of Mhow marked Corpus Christi with a procession on Sunday 25 November 2007. I took a few photographs of the event. I could not click to my heart's content as the battery of the camera ran out of charge. I had forgotten to recharge it after using it heavily the previous day. Lesson learnt.


Ajit Hatti said...

Hello Dev,

I am very very glad to see your blog on MHOW. Im Ajit Hatti. I was in MHOW in between 1988 and 1991, when my father was posted in Infantry School.
I have a strong desire to Visit MHOW again as my Nostalgia pulls me there.

Keep posting about MHOW.

Dev Kumar said...

Hi Ajit
Thanks for the visit and the comment... It would be nice if you could visit Mhow again and see the old spots and the changes...

keep visiting please...

Me said...

Dev Kumar...
I was Googling Mhow, Rajeshwar Vidyalaya and your page came up.
I would say you are a few years older than me, because like you mention on your blog, I was at St. Mary's for 5 years and then switched to Rajeshwar Vidyalaya in 1979/80?
Anyway... I live halfway across the world and have been feeling really homesick. Desperately wanting to visit the old school, church and town!
I was so glad to see pictures of Orpheum (I remember sneaking out to see Rambo when I had an English test the next day :-)
Happy Memories!
Has anything changed in Rajeshwar?
My parents have long moved out of Mhow - to Indore and then back to Goa.
Nostalgia is taking over, but the next time I am in India I WILL make a trip to Mhow.
Right now all I have is a handful of B&W pictures of Craven's Hotel (wonder what that place looks like now) and of Rajeshwar/Sacred-Heart church.
Thanks for the blog Dev.
It makes me long for those happy, carefree days.

Dev said...

Hi me... Felt great reading your comment... and I am glad that you did a google on Mhow and came to my blog... Do think of posting any pics of Mhow you have... It will be great seeing them... regards... dev (01/Nov/2008)