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MP Remount &Veterinary Squadron NCC of Mhow excels at Republic Day Camp

NCC R&V Squadron from Mhow adjudged best riding team at Republic Day Camp


MP Remount &Veterinary Squadron NCC of MHOW performed excellently at the Republic Day Celebrations Equestrian Events 2012 at New Delhi, with the unit emerging as top most medal winner and first amongst all Remount & Veterinary Squadrons of the country. The squadron won a total of 3 best rider trophies apart from 5 Gold, 5 Silver, 1 Bronze and 2 highly commended medals in various equestrian competitions conducted at the event. A contingent of one Officer, one JCO, 2 Instructors, 3 boy cadets of Senior Division, 2 Girl cadets of Senior wing and 5 horses of this unit participated in these events.


Lt Col Sanjay Rawat, the squadron commander, said that the unit had a rigorous training and coaching camp at its newly constructed training grounds for over 2 months, under the guidance of Risaldar SS Singh, Dafedar Omveer Singh and ex cadet Yashowardhan Dwivedi. Senior Under Officer Sunali Raina of this unit was adjudged Best Rider (Girls), whereas Md Shah Rukh was honored with Best Rider (Boys). Other medal winners from the squadron include Cadets Govind Bali and Tejaswinee Potekar. The events conducted were show jumping, dressage and hacks. The winning horses include Lucky, Mahabali and Tarzan. 

On 15 Jan 2012, Lt Gen PS Bhalla, PVSM, Director General NCC, witnessed the horse show at RDC Grounds New Delhi. SUO Md Shah Rukh won the show jumping competition here and was awarded the ‘Best Rider NCC Trophy’. Brig VK Adappa, SM, Dy Director General NCC (MP&CG) and Col VK Saini Commander, NCC Indore Group, have congratulated the Mhow based squadron for their sterling performance.

 Pictures Courtesy: 2 MP R&V Squadron NCC Unit.


(1) Senior Under Officer (SUO) Sunali Raina of Senior Wing, Veterans
  (i)  Gold Medal in Show Jumping Normal  on Lucky
 (ii)  Gold Medal in Dressage on Mahabali
(iii) Silver Medal in Show Jumping Top Score on Mahabali
(iv) Highly Commended (4th Position) in Show Jumping Normal on Mahabali
(v) Best Rider Trophy, Girls

(2)  Senior Under Officer (SUO) Md Shah Rukh of Senior Wing, Veterans
 (i) Gold Medal in Dressage on Shaktiman
 (ii) Gold Medal in Hacks on Shaktiman
(iii) Silver Medal in  Show Jumping Top Score on Lucky
(iv) Bronze Medal in Show Jumping Normal on Lucky
(v) Runner Up in Best Rider Trophy, Boys
(vi) Best Rider Trophy, Director General NCC Horse Show

(3) Cadet Govind Bali, Senior Division, Novice

(i) Gold Medal in Hacks on Tarzan
(ii) Silver Medal in Show Jumping Top Score on Lucky
(iii) Silver Medal in Show Jumping Normal on Lucky
(iv) Highly Commended (4th position) in Dressage on Tarzan.

(4) Cadet Tejaswinee Potekar, Senior Division, Novice
(i) Silver Medal in Show Jumping Top Score on Lucky.


A Two Day Army Exhibtion (Fauji Mela) in Mhow

Fauji Mela in Mhow.
Jan 12-13 2012.
To celebrate National Youth Day (the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda).
The station commander Brigadier Mukesh Kumar was requested by Mhow MLA and State Industries Minister Shri Kailash Vijayvargiya to extend the mela by one day so that people from Indore could also see it. That is the reason why the exhibition of military hardware was open on Jan 13 too...

An infantryman atop a T-72 Battle Tank .

पैदल सिपाही (रायफलमैन) टैंक पर ....

           The infantryman, the infant and the artillery..... The 105/37 Indian Field Gun... एक फौजी अपने पुत्र के साथ....


     A visitor is curious about the ATGM (Anti Tank Guided Missile) Launcher टैंक को नष्ट करने वाले ATGM  के बारे में जानकारी लेते हुए....

Small arms and other Infantry weapons on display...
पैदल सिपाहियों के हथियार की प्रदर्शनी


                                            40 mm Multi Shot Grenade Launcher
                                 ४० एम् एम् मल्टी शाट ग्रिनेड लौन्चर

84 mm Rocket Launcher RCL Mark III
८४ एम् एम् राकेट लौन्चर आर सी एल मार्क III


30 mm AGL-17, Automatic Grenade Launcher.
३० एम् एम् ऐ जी एल - १७ आटोमेटिक ग्रिनेड लौन्चर


7.62 mm Machine Gun
७.६२ एम् एम् मशीन गन  
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Beirchha Road...

Tamarind Trees on Beirchha Road... A sight I love seeing on my walk every morning...