Sunday, September 19, 2010

September - The month of butterflies

Puddling on Cow Dung.

Clicked on Thursday Sept 3, 2009.

The jungles on the hill of Janapao near Mhow. My uncle who is visiting from
Kerala wants to go and see a Shiva temple on a hilltop. We are walking through the forest when I see these butterflies feeding on cowdung. I also see some smaller groups on rocks too ... fascinating...

When I posted this in my facebook account this is what Priyanka - a fellow blogger and nature lover- commented: "Many butterflies feed on nectar from flowers, but they also get essential minerals and salts from mud and animal manures. This large gathering on mud or manure is called mud-puddling. Many an entomologists create their own mud puddles in their gardens in flower beds to attract a wide range of butterflies."

Pic below: Perched on a cactus is a Tailed Jay. Sept 21, 2007 at home.

Pic below: This Common Emigrant had perched on my shoulder and then it floated onto this flower. Clicked on Sept 21, 2007 at home.

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Soccer at the Shankar Laxman Stadium (Garrison Ground),Mhow

Sept 18, 2010 - Rajeshwar Vidyalaya Mhow defeated Jagdale School, Indore by 1-0 in the finals of the Mir Iqbal Hussain trophy for schools.

Soccer and hockey have been two of the most popular games of Mhow. Not surprising considering the Army presence here and the support that these sports got from the various regiments stationed here.

We also have a new plaque, a rather huge one at that, in honour of Honorary Captain Shankar Laxman the legendary hockey goalkeeper who was born in Kodariya village of Mhow and had joined the 5th battalion of the Maratha Light Infantry. Being a proper Mhow walla he was one of those who bridged the civil military gap in Mhow.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

From Mhow to Slovenia in 67 days!!

A postcard to Slovenia took 67 days to travel 6098 km (3789 miles)!!! Posted on 12 July and received on 17 Sept. Now it is my turn to receive a postcard from a randomly selected sender :-)

About three years ago I had registered at the site The idea was to send and receive post cards from all over the globe. But after registering I forgot about it. Finally I decided to use my membership and requested for an address to send a card to. The site sent me the address of a young student in Slovenia.

I had a difficult time finding a picture postcard in Mhow. Luckily Zenith Stationery on Main Street had a bunch of old cards. Young Shabbir could not believe that someone was interested in buying these :-)

Anyway I sent the card after purchasing stamps worth Rupees fifteen from the Mhow GPO. Yesterday, 17 Sep I received an email that my card had been delivered adter 67 days!!! Now that my first postcard has been received my address will be given to a randomly selected member and I will soon be receiving a postcard from some corner of the globe. Will upload the pic the moment I receive my card.

I came to know about this site through a lady named Kate Russell. I must thank her and her column Webscape which is part of the program 'Click' which is shown on BBC TV and is also available on the BBC website
Click here to see my card at the website.

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