Friday, December 28, 2012

Old Pic of Mhow "Scotch Kirk"

"Mhow Scotch Kirk" clicked in the early 20th century... sent to me from Canada by the descendants of Reverend Norman Russell who was a priest at the Builder Memorial Church Mhow and died in Mhow. I was lucky enough to find his grave in the cemetry near the Railway Station when his great grand nephew sent me a request via a message on Youtube... The commune of 'Rasalpura' on the outskirts of Mhow is named after Russell...

Pic Courtesy: Mrs Peggy McQuirk of Canada, a descendant of the late Reverend Norman Russell, priest at the Builder Memorial Church, Mhow in the late 19th and early 20th century...

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Squirrels Sunbathing on a winter afternoon

December 20 2012

From my nature diary entry of Dec 20: A beautiful sight I saw this morning... Four squirrels
sunbathing on a Siris branch... A fifth one couldn't fit in the frame :-)

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