Friday, December 28, 2007

The Brigadier Kale Football Tournament 2007
Lazy Sunday afternoons in Mhow and watching soccer being played on the 'Gurkha Grounds'

Random images from the Brigadier Kale Football Tournament 2007. Clicked on Sunday 8 Dec 2007


Vijay said...

Dear Dev,

Thanks for the insight and happenings in Mhow.

Ref:Brigadier Kale Football tournament.

The picture here shows a very thin very surprised.

Earlier days the ground used to be packed with spectators and people used to look forward to this tournament with participating teams like MP police,Mhow Red,Young name a few.

Any particular reason would like to attribute to this thin spectatorship/stands.

Once again many thanks.Keep blogging and posting the news.

Wish you a very Happy New Year!


Dev Kumar said...

Hi Vijay.. It is great to receive a comment from a Mhow wallah who is not living in Mhow... The thin crowd may have been due to the fact that it was not the finals...
But it wasn't a bad crowd either...
Young Brothers of Mhow won the tournament this year... Thanks for the visit... And a happy new year to you too... Regards... Dev