Monday, November 28, 2011

Firepower Demonstration At The Army War College, Mhow - I

November 23, 2011.
The Indian Army's  Army War College at Mhow conducted a firepower demonstration. The press was also invited to witness this event.
That is how I attended this awesome display of firepower. This was primarily a demonstration conducted for the Junior Command (JC) course. The firepower demonstration showed the use of T-72 tanks of the Armoured Corps, Infantry Combat Vehicles BMP-II of the Mechanised Infantry and 105 mm Indian Field Gun of the Artillery. Here is a random sprinkling of pics clicked that day. There will be more in another blog post....

Above and Below: A sea of olive green and battle fatigues. Student officers witnessing the maneuvers.
A journalist breaks the monotony in the pic below.

             Above: Student officers and media personnel enjoy a tank ride after the event.

                    Above: An infantryman with his firepower.....

                                                    Above: A T-72 tank on the move...

           Above: Some of the media personnel having a good time with the guns on display...

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