Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Lambretta... Remembering Old Times...

Clicked in Malwa Market, Mhow....

Do read some of the comments on Facebook where I uploaded this pic:
Nitish Joshi: my fathers's favorite......... 

Dev Kumar Vasudevan: My dad had two Lambrettas - the first was from 1968 to 1973 (Delhi, Mhow and Alwar) and the second one from 1973 to 1995 (Alwar, Shillong and Mhow)... He bought a Bajaj in 1995 because Lambrettas were not being produced... He couldn't use it for long as he lost his eyesight due to diabetic complications...
Mustafa Jamali: Looks in a very good condition, must be taken care of very well.
Dev Kumar Vasudevan: Yes Mustafa, there are a handful of these scooters in Mhow now. And all of them are well looked after. One is in the possession of the Sattar Tailor family.
Panchali Sengupta: oh, my Dad had one in green :0
Arun S Jayakaran: My Dad had one for years and as a kid I remember the numerous rides on it.
Sanjay Shukla Well kept machine.
Mustafa Jamali: Oh yes, they have been using one eversince I remember, a light blue coloured version, if they haven't modified it .
Navneet Kumar Yadav Very handyyy vehicle it reminds me of Dr Srivastava uncle who had been very kind all those years where he use to pick up his 2 sons after school from Rajeshwar vidhyalaya and use to take along 6 of us excluding him on his Lambretta ... Big hearted man big a big scooter ....
Dev Kumar Vasudevan: It was our family car. My father would drive, my mother would be on the pillion seat, youngest brother Ashok would stand in front and I and my younger brother Mahesh would sit on the metal frame above the spare wheel. This continues till I was ten or eleven. After that we stopped going five together. This particular scooter does not have the metal frame.
Deepa Vanjani:   Took me back to the old old days of simplicity...i recalled my fathers 

scooter called Fantabulous...

Dev Kumar Vasudevan: Yes Deepa I remember you telling me the story of your Dad's 

Fantabulous. Come to think of it - Lambretta, Vespa (Bajaj), Fantabulous, Vijay Super. There

 were hardly four or five models of scooters in the market.

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