Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lok Sabha (Parliamentary) 2009, Elections in Mhow

Mhow will be voting in the Dhar constituency from the 2009 election onwards even though it is part of Indore district. This is the result of a parliamentary delimitation exercise carried out by the Government of India whereby some redrawing is done based on population figures.

It is a strange feeling in Mhow. Most people do not feel involved as they do not connect with the candidates from Dhar. Added to that was the intense heat on April 30 - voting day. If I am not wrong around 45 to 50 percent of the electorate turned up.

The main candidates, in alphabetical order, were:
(1) BJP: Mukam Singh Kirode

(2)Indian National Congress: Gajendra Singh Rajukhedi

As most people could not connect at an individual level with the candidates the voting was as per the party wise preferences of voters. Let us see what the results are in the districts of Indore, Dhar, the entire state of M.P. and at the national level.

Delimitation: Changing India's Political Map (Indian Express, Feb 29 2008)


Ashiq said...

Whats your opinion for result-Ashiq Husain Mhow Wala Dubai

Dev said...

Hi Ashiq.. I am afraid that I just can't hazard a guess. Esp as the candidates are new to all of us in Mhow.