Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yashwant Nagar Talab... Beautiful and unspoilt...

Sunday Oct 27 2013
A visit to Yashwant Nagar Talab with a visiting friend.
The dam you see below was constructed by the Maharaja of Indore during the British Raj.
I came here for the first time in 1969 as an eight year old boy. The occasion was the festival of Holi and a group of officers from MCTE (Military College of Telecommunication Engineering) had arranged a picnic.
My parents were not part of that group but my friend Bunny's father - who was  then the Commandant of MCTE Brigadier Talwar had requested my father to send me and my younger brother with them.

When  I returned to Mhow in 1979 I remember an occasion when I and my classmates bunked college and cycled down here. One of us had even jumped off the dam (where the water can be seen overflowing now) and swam across the lake. I have cycled till this lake quite a few times. This lake has also been part of treks in the beautiful countryside sorrounding it. 

The Rest house of the Irrigation Department  ... Unchanged since many decades...

Love the sight of these stones which make these steps...

                                       The watchman's quarters attached to the  Rest House  

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At 11:12 am, November 01, 2013 , Blogger ANURAG SAXENA said...

Planning to visit like you after many, many years - actully made an attempt but could not locate the link road.
Will share more after my visit.

At 11:21 am, November 01, 2013 , Blogger Dev said...

Looking forward to seeing the pics you click...


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