Friday, October 26, 2007

When the Banyan tree in Main Street Mhow had fallen (Aug 2006)

The banyan tree in Main Street Mhow had fallen on 18 August 2006. It was supposed to be older than the town of Mhow. I had posted an entry about it in my blog. (Click here to get to it.) The photographs in that blog post had been 'outsourced'. Arshad of Pradeep Studios on Main Street Mhow had asked one of his employees to click those pictures. As they were taken on a digital camera they were available almost instantly to upload onto my blog. I had also taken some pictures on my Yashica MF2 camera. These were taken on Sunday 20 Aug 2006. I had lost the photographs. The other day I found them in a pile of books. I have uploaded them onto this post. Here they are, a remembrance of a sad day.


Me said...

This is indeed sad!
Mrs. Bhatnagar (another teacher from St. Mary's) used to live around the area, and we used to run past that tree because it was home to so many birds that you were bound to get some 'droppings' if you were unlucky... especially in the late evenings :-)

Dev said...

Hi me... yes it was a sad event in the history of this small town...
dev (01/Nov/2008)