Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mhow Diary in Free Press Indore edition.

The Indore Edition of Free Press will feature a fortnightly 'Mhow Diary' I will be writing it. The first episode was published on Thursday 22 Feb 2007. It was devoted to the banyan tree on Main Street Mhow which fell on a rainy day in August 2006. I based it on the following blog entry from my blog on Sulekha: http://dkvblog.sulekha.com/blog/post/2006/08/the-death-of-a-200-year-old-banyan-tree-in-mhow-mp.htm


Aruna said...

Perhaps the best claim to the name 'Mhow' is that it was derived from the word "Mowasee". This was an area inhabited by them, ie the 'Mowasee', (tribals) and the word appropriately means "stronghold". It is also where Holkar's troops were cantoned before 1818. Mhow used to be spelled (in English) in Sir John Malcom's famous map of Malwa and Central India, as 'MOW'.

traveller said...

Hi Dev
Great site.I found it because I was looking for info on Mhow. I have an excellent formal photograph of an unknown relative of mine dressed in the uniform of a corporal in the 20th Hussars. He is sitting with his terrier on his lap and two proud looking young servants are standing behind him

The picture was taken by Herzog and Higgins of Mhow, obviously during the period 1895-98 when the 20th were in garrison in Mhow (thank you for this info)

Let me know if you are interested in seeing it

Dev Kumar said...

Hi traveller. Am glad you found my blog on Mhow. I would love to see the picture of your relative. Do let me know how I can access it.

sandeep awasthi said...

I feel lucky to have found your site. Nice pictures. Mhow smells like my kind of town. I want to know little more about this town. Will it be possible for you to spare some time so that I can talk to you on phone.
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I will appreciate if I can speak to you on phone. If you email your phone no to my e-mail awadh56@gmail.com, I can call you when it is convenient to you. My cell-phone no is 098998-13408. Thanks,


Dev Kumar said...

Hi sandeep. Thanks for the visit to my blog and for the comment. I have sent you a reply by email. Keep visiting. Regards. Dev

Dev said...

aruna... many thanks for this comment... regards.. dev (01/Nov/2008)